About the NADP Action Committee

The Action Committee of Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty is a group of committed volunteers who are willing to learn more about NADP’s work and devote time to projects that will advance NADP’s goals toward ending Nebraska’s death penalty. Committee members will be trained in NADP’s messaging and will act as representatives of NADP while working by helping to plan, manage, and carry out events in key areas, in consultation with NADP staff. The committee will help increase NADP’s capacity to reach Nebraskans, building a larger network of repeal supporters and ensuring a deeper statewide conversation about the death penalty.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Action Committee, please complete this survey to let us know what you are interested in doing!

What will I do as a member of the Action Committee?

Whatever you want!  There are many tasks we need in order to educate Nebraskans about the reality of our death penalty  (phonebanking, research, meeting with other NADP members, visiting legislators, the list goes on and on)… we want to find tasks that are comfortable for you, because we NEED your help!

Major Projects of the Action Committee

Your level of involvement with the Action Committee is up to you, you could choose to assist with one or several of the below activities:

  • Death Penalty Faithful Reflections.  Death Penalty Faithful Reflections are events planned with faith communities in order to promote conversation about the death penalty within these communities, build relationships between NADP and these communities, and encourage members of faith communities to become active in NADP’s network of repeal supporters. These events may include sermons/homilies, film screenings, small group discussions, and/or educational tabling.

Our goal is to hold Death Penalty Faithful Reflections with several different churches in each of several key now through the Spring of 2015. Action Committee members will help to plan and carry out these events by:

  • Researching faith communities in certain areas to gather their contact information
  • Contacting churches in key areas to propose these events to leadership.
  • Working with church leadership to plan and promote these events.
  • Attending these events to provide information from NADP and collect postcards and letters to connect congregants with NADP’s work.
  • NADP Lobby Day March 4, 2015.  Members of the Action Committee should make every effort to attend the NADP Lobby Day on March 4, 2015 and will help recruit others to attend the event. Members should can also help by encouraging members of others groups they are active with (church groups, peace groups, etc…) to attend the Lobby Day. Committee members may be also sign up to help with logistics on the day of the event.
  • Tour with murder victim family member, Vicki Schieber.  Action Committee members may be called on to help plan and carry out events with Vicki Schieber during her visit to Nebraska this fall, this could include developing and sharing publicity, reaching out to local groups about hosting her to speak, or assisting with event logistics.