In our fight to end the death penalty in Nebraska once and for all, our supporters are our most valuable resource. Death penalty supporters have thrown an enormous amount of money behind their efforts to maintain this broken system, but we have the facts on our side! Conversations between family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers are a powerful means for spreading information and starting thoughtful dialogues about smart alternatives to the death penalty. Please consider reading, sharing and discussing some of the resources here.

Nebraska’s Death Penalty: A Broken System

How did we go from a legislative vote to abolish the death penalty in May 2015 to a ballot referendum in November of 2016? Read a brief background on the history of Nebraska’s death penalty and where it stands today. View/Download

DPIC Fact Sheet

Get the facts! Learn how the death penalty disproportionately affects different races and classes, the high cost of executions, the myth of deterrence and more. View/Download

For other non-partisan stats, information and resources related to alternative to the death penalty, we also recommend:

Christian Reflections & Discussion Guide

Conversations about are often driven by emotions, which can result in heated debates and arguments. This resource provides passages, verses, and information religious death penalty stances to start a more thoughful conversation with someone of your faith or a different faith. It’s intended as a study and discussion guide to help a class or small group talk about this important issue. View/Download

Christian Faith Action Sheet

Many faith groups have studied the scriptures and contemporary society, and have adopted teachings or position statements on capital punishment. If you would like to mobilize your faith community for further action, here are some resources congregations and individuals can use for study, discussion and advocacy. View/Download.

Other faith-based groups that opposed the death penalty include:

WATCH: Press Conference on Cost of Nebraska’s Death Penalty

READ: Full Economic Report on Economic Impact of Nebraska’s Death Penalty


Check out this award-winning student film about how Nebraskan citizens and lawmakers have come to view the death penalty is as a broken, costly, ineffective system.

Omaha League of Women Voters Series:

Death Penalty & Religion

Death Penalty & Moral Justice

Death Penalty & Lethal Injection

How Can I Get Involved?

In addition to volunteering, there are a number of ways that you can help us spread information about Nebraska’s broken death penalty and the smart alternative of life without parole:

  • Sponsor a dialogue on topics related to the death penalty—reconciliation and forgiveness; innocence & wrongful convictions; bias and unfairness in the criminal justice system. – The above resources can serve as a discussion guide.
  • If your faith group has study materials on the death penalty, use that for a study class e.g. United Church of Christ, ELCA, Roman Catholic
  • Host a book club, reading or discussion: Read and discuss a book, such as: Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy, Marlowe & Davis-Correia’s I Am Troy Davis John Ferak’s Bloody Lies: A CSI Scandal in the Heartland
  • Host a guest speaker who can share more information and experiences. NADP can provide speakers, including exonorees and victims’ family members
  • Screen a film about the death penalty and host a “talk back” afterwards. We can suggest and provide several different films.
  • Gather materials (fact sheets, etc.) and organize a table to educate church members and get them more involved.

If you have any questions or would like to any additional assistance and resources, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Towards justice!