By NADP Executive Director, Stacy Anderson

For the last year we’ve have the great fortune of having Tim Lundy on our team as a field organizer.  Tim is moving on at the end of the month to pursue a PhD in English at Columbia University.  He will be missed, but we are tremendously grateful for all he has given NADP and the repeal effort during his time with us.

You may best know Tim as the author of these bi-weekly e-blasts.  He has taken the lead on this project – with both the writing and technology – and surpassed our hopes.  But he’s also done so much more.  Tim helped organize speaking tours with speakers like death row exoneree Curtis McCarty, and Dead Man Walking author Sr. Helen Prejean.  Before the exciting parts of getting to spend time with these amazing individuals, Tim was deep in the trenches making sure venues were found, events publicized, and every last detail planned.  He did this time and again, beautifully.  He’s also tabled and spoken at countless events, doing all he could to ensure Nebraskans were informed about the realities of our death penalty.  When Nebraska repeals our broken death penalty, Tim will certainly be remembered as an instrumental part of that victory. 

Tim’s amazing work ethic, sense of humor, and writing talents are going to be dearly missed. Our loss is Columbia’s gain, and we wish Tim all the best with his next endeavors!

By NADP Field organizer, Sarah Barrett

Working with NADP as a Field Organizer feels a lot like coming home. In the fall of 2012, I worked as a communications intern for NADP. My experience was a time of growth, as I learned more about the death penalty and the abolition movement. I’m delighted to be back working with an organization that I truly love! I’m passionate about seeing the abolition of the death penalty in our great state and look hopefully forward to 2015. While Tim’s departure to the Big Apple leaves me with large shoes to fill, I’m excited for the challenge and anxious to get to work.

NADP continues to work towards the end of the death penalty in Nebraska. Death PenaltyFaithful Reflections are a crucial piece of this work. These Faithful Reflections are planned events with faith communities to promote conversation about the death penalty in these communities and encourage members of faith communities to become active in NADP’s network of repeal supporters.

These events can take many forms. From film screenings and small group discussions, to educational tabling, each event will encourage thoughtful discussion about the repeal movement while encouraging congregants to connect with NADP’s work. Every local community is important, so we need people from around the state who can be called upon to help. Another way to get involved is by joining the Action Committee. If you want more information on how to get involved with the Action Committee or Death Penalty Faithful Reflections, please email Sarah at


Last week, a federal judge in California ruled that California’s death penalty is unconstitutional. In Judge Cormac Carney’s opinion, he wrote, “Inordinate and unpredictable delay has resulted in a death penalty system in which very few of the hundreds of individuals sentenced to death have been, or even will be, executed by the state.”

Carney’s ruling was based on the inefficiency of the death penalty system. For justice to be effective, it must be swift. The death penalty is not swift, but rather a long winded, misguided process. The delays are “inordinate and unpredictable,” which Carney said violates the Eighth Amendment’s cruel and ununsual punishment tennet.

As we know, the death penalty isn’t just dysfunctional in California. The death penalty is a dysfunctional system nationwide. The ruling in California represents a growing dialogue around a system that is broken beyond repair. The death penalty can be history in every state. Let’s make Nebraska next.

This is exciting! NADP is planning our very firstLobby Day for death penalty abolition on March 4, 2015!

On that day, you’ll have the opportunity to come together with other abolition supporters from all over the state and tell your state senators that you want them to repeal the death penalty in 2015.

I know that next March seems to be a long time away, but please save the date now so that you can join us in Lincoln for what will undoubtedly be a crucial day for death penalty repeal in Nebraska.

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The NADP Action Committee is a group of committed volunteers who help us with special projects propelling us toward the of end the death penalty in our state. Members of the Action Committee play a valuable role in supporting and aiding in our work.

This fall, Action Committee members will be helping to coordinate Death Penalty Day of Reflection events with churches and religious groups throughout the state in order to build new relationships with faith communities and connect them to our work. Members will also assist in planning a Lobby Day for next spring’s legislative session and will be crucial in seeing it through to completion.

If you are interested in helping NADP by becoming a part of the Action Committee, please contact Tim at