We are so excited about the tremendous bi-partisan support LB 268 has!  Thanks for all you’ve already done to encourage your Senator and Govenor Ricketts to support this important measure.

Now it’s time to ramp up the pressure!  If you haven’t yet, send your elected officials an email with this link: www.ejusa.org/act/NADP

It only takes two minutes and is a huge help, thank you!

The amount of press generated from Lobby Day was incredible! The murder victim family member press conference was covered statewide and even appeared in the national circuit. We’ve compiled the best media for you to see. Be sure to share themedia with others! unnamed

Many local television stations featured pieces from the murder victim family member press conference. KETV out of Omaha highlighted Tricia Moore’s testimony. You can watch the video here. WOWT in Omaha also featured a story on the day. KMTV Action 3 News ran an excellent piece, and KPTM FOX42 news was also sure to cover the day. In Lincoln, Channel 8 Eyewitness news previewed the press conference and followed up with coverage of the day.

There was plenty of written press in papers across the state as well. Articles were featured in the Omaha World Herald, the Lincoln Journal Star, the Beatrice Daily Sunand the Grand Island Independent. Coverage from the day even made it to TIME’s website! As the media shows, it was an incredible day! And, as the media has spread to national outlets, the voice for death penalty repeal is louder than ever.


NADP’s Lobby Day will be here in less than a month! On March 4th, we will gather for the day to show our support for the death penalty repeal bill, LB 268. At 10am, we will meet in the basement at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on 14th and K, across from the Capitol. We will update you on repeal news, go over lobbying basics, and prepare you to connect with your Senator at the Capitol. Then, at 11:45am, we will meet for lunch with Senators in room 1023 of the Capitol. Lunch is free to citizen lobbyists. Finally, at 1:30pm, we will go together to watch the Judiciary Committee Hearings. It’s likely the repeal bill will be scheduled for discussion at this hearing! This is an exciting hearing to watch as repeal advocates and leaders from interested organizations will testify about why the death penalty needs to go! Additionally, t-shirts with writing aren’t allowed, but we will provide everyone with pro-repeal buttons to wear! It is very important that you RSVP for Lobby Day so that we can order the correct amount of food.

Please RSVP here, or email Sarah at sarah@nadp.net with any questions. We hope to see you there!

Nebraskan Karen Jones wrote a powerful op ed in the North Platte Telegraph about her experience witnessing the trauma executions can cause to Corrections Officers.  Read the full piece here.

“There has been a lot of talk lately about botched executions. While some may express little concern for whether or not a murderer suffers, I am concerned about our government bungling these executions because of the toll it can take on my former colleagues in the corrections industry.”

This January, NADP rolled out a new way for concerned citizens to make their voices heard. We have created letter writing kits that contain all the supplies and instructions needed to successfully write letters. Senators rarely receive hand-written letters from constituents, so even receiving one or two notes can go a long way with a representative. So far, we have sent 35 kits! Are you interested in receiving a kit and helping us with this project? You can have all sorts of people write a letter to encourage repeal of the death penalty, including members of a club you are in, friends, relatives, or neighbors! The possibilities are endless. And, we make it very easy for you to do.  If you would like a kit sent your way, or have any questions, please email me atsarah@nadp.net. I would love to get a kit in your hands!

Last week, Senator Ernie Chambers introduced his bill to repeal the death penalty. This will be Senator Chambers’ 38th go at abolishing the death penalty. Let’s make it his last one! After a near win in 2013 and two years of organizing to make sure our new legislators understand why our death penalty fails us, we have great reason for optimism! There are many ways you can help us make repeal a reality. The most important thing you can do is to make sure your Senator knows you want them to vote ‘Yes’ on LB 268 to repeal the death penalty. If you are unsure who your Senator is, or need to their contact info, use this website to find out!

Sending a handwritten note to your Senator is hands-down the most effective way to send a message in support of repeal. Senators don’t receive very many handwritten notes, so even one goes a long way! You can also call your representative and let them know your support LB 268 and hope that they will too!

NADP has always thrived on the support of our volunteers. This fall, we’ve been lucky to have the help of Byron Peterson and his dog, Nick. Byron and Nick have tabled at the Episcopalian conference, various churches, and even post offices. Byron and Nick often take a position in a public walk space such as in front of the Post Office, and he always has our NADP postcards with him! Byron is sure to introduce Nick, a professional petting dog, who grealty appreciates any attention he receives. After people sign on to the movement, Byron is sure to warmly affirm them with a high five. Plus Nick the dog receives a lot of attention and petting! Byron and Nick are making large strides to rally supporters in Western Nebraska. They truly exemplify how our volunteers are making a difference! NADP is so thankful for the work these two are doing!

With or without a repeal dog, you can help our efforts – email Sarah at sarah@nadp.netfor information about how you can volunteer in your community!










For more information, to reserve your spot, or to find out about joining a small group meeting with your Senator, email Sarah at barrett@nadp.net


Those who have lost a loved one to murder are invited to this special “Meet & Greet” event and light dinner: 

Monday, December 8th 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Omaha Teachers Administrative Building (TAC), 5th floor

3215 Cuming St, Omaha, NE 68131

Read more here!